Replacement Windows 101: The Basics

An Introduction To Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are designed specifically to fit into an existing frame in the walls of your home. If you have outdated windows in your home that are drafty, hard to clean or even require painting, it might be time to consider and upgrade. Replacement windows make an immediate impact on the aesthetics of your home and can even improve energy efficiency and save you money. If you’re considering an upgrade in the near future, this post will help you get a grasp on the basics of replacement windows.

What’s In A Replacement Window?

There are several different components that make up replacement windows. As a potential buyer, knowing what’s in a window allows you to make an informed decision about which features are least important and which features are worth an extra investment.

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1. Frame – The frame is the entire support system for the window including the head (top part), sill, (bottom part), and jambs (sides). Unlike windows made for new construction projects, replacement windows are designed specifically to fit into existing frames and trim for minimal disruption during the replacement process.

2. Cladding – A protective layer of cladding is applied to the exterior parts of the window to keep it protected from the elements. Vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum-clad are the most popular choices for replacement windows in newer homes while bare wood is common in restoration projects that require preserving historical details.

3. Sash – The moving part of the frame that holds the glass.

4. Balance Systems (Not Pictured) – The balance systems are mechanisms inside the window that allow it to stay open. Malfunctioning balance systems can result in windows getting jammed or not sliding properly.

5. Glass – Comprised of two or more panes filled with air or argon and sealed to insulate the windows.

6. Low-E Coating – This transparent coating helps your windows reflect heat but let light pass through. It improves the energy efficiency of your windows.

7. Grilles – Decorative pieces on top of the glass that come in a variety of different designs to match your home’s architectural style.

8. Lock – Keeping the window locked ensures maximum efficiency and no air infiltration. Quality windows will have a continuous inner lock at the meeting rails of the windows.

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Exterior Doors: Fiberglass Vs. Steel

Fiberglass Exterior Doors Have Quickly Become A Top Replacement Option For Homeowners.

Today most contractors faced with replacing exterior doors on a family home would recommend fiberglass and steel as the best options for materials. While wood was once the norm, over the past decade fiberglass and steel have quickly gained recognition as two of the best value options for homeowners looking to replace their outdated and inefficient doors.

exterior doorsSteel Exterior Doors Are A Better Option Than Wood.

Steel exterior doors are a cheaper, more efficient alternative to traditional wooden doors. Wooden doors can shrink, rot, warp and crack – all issues that steel doors are immune to. Steel doors are much easier to maintain than wood doors which require periodic painting or-re-staining. While they offer significant advantages over wood in terms of durability and low-maintenance requirements, steel doors are still susceptible to scratches, dents and rust and are most frequently chosen because they are the cheapest option

Fiberglass Exterior Doors Offer The Same Advantages As Steel, Without The Limitations!

Why do we prefer to install fiberglass exterior doors in family homes and other residential settings? Simply put – fiberglass has everything steel has to offer without the limitations. While steel exterior doors can only be painted, fiberglass doors can also be stained which lasts longer and eliminates the possibility of chipped paint. Fiberglass  doors are designed to look and feel exactly like a traditional wooden door, right down to the details in the grain. Fiberglass also offers the lowest maintenance of any wood alternatives – it’s resistant to dents and scratches and will never rust!

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We prefer fiberglass exterior doors because they are energy efficient, beautiful, low maintenance and exceptionally durable! If you need help choosing a replacement exterior door, the friendly and professional staff at Heartland is waiting with expert recommendations that will be a perfect fit for your home and your budget!

Sunrooms: Prefab vs. ‘Stick Built’ Construction, What’s The Difference?

When considering a sunroom addition, many homeowners arrive at this question: what is the difference between a prefabricated or ‘prefab’ sunroom and a traditional ‘stick built’ sunroom? Stick built and prefab sunrooms look very similar as finished products despite the different construction techniques and materials used for each.