Gingerbread Trim Transforms Your

Harrisonburg Home with Timeless Charm

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Restore your farmhouse with custom Victorian gingerbread trim from Heartland Home Improvements.

Restoring your family farmhouse or renovating a historic home requires an eye for detail. Heartland Home Improvements takes great care with your restoration project to closely match the trim with in-house fabricated pieces. We are the Valley’s only company to use heat-bending to precisely craft PVC into durable and beautiful gingerbread trim.

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We design, fabricate, and install your Gingerbread Trim with the highest quality standards.

Our extensive knowledge of gingerbread trim and local farmhouse aesthetics gives us great insight into how to best restore your trim. With in-house fabrication, your experience is directly with Heartland Home Improvements staff from start to finish, ensuring the highest quality standards are consistently met. Our expert installation properly secures your custom trim for a durable, long-lasting home embellishment.

PVC offers precision in matching your trim with endless customizable options.

We can use your gingerbread trim as a model or offer a complementary design to enhance the look of your home. The heat-bending process allows us to manipulate one solid piece of PVC into a smooth, durable custom design to give you the exact look you want.

Our passion for Gingerbread Trim restoration projects is in the details.

We take great pride in matching dilapidated Victorian gingerbread trim to newly fabricated pieces. Your carefully restored farmhouse is an heirloom that will last for generations to come.

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