Sustainable Living Never Looked So Good.

Loewen’s windows and doors are stunning and sustainable for an environmentally responsible addition to your home. Located in the heart of Canada, the Loewen family business designs, engineers and fabricates their products from environmentally friendly materials and through energy-efficient processes. This holistic approach creates a healthy balance between the environmental, business, and social responsibilities of the company. You can feel good about choosing Loewen’s windows and doors because every step of the process, from sourcing their materials to shipping them to your door, is designed to preserve and protect the environment.

Loewen Cares Deeply About Their Environmental Impact.

Loewen considers every step of the process, from the sourcing of wood to the shipping of their products throughout North America, when they design and manufacture windows and doors.

Environmental Stewardship

Loewen’s commitment to the environment starts with their sustainable wood fiber that is certified by Canada’s leading environmental organizations. LEED buildings throughout North America include Loewen’s stunning options in their designs.

Socially Responsible

For the products Loewen outsources, they only purchase items ethically manufactured. That means that those businesses treat their employees and environment with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Reduce & Recycle

Loewen commits time and energy into reducing their environmental footprint and recycling wood waste, glass, aluminum, weather stripping, solvents, motor oil, and paper. In the winter, they heat their facilities with sawdust and sell what remains to local farmers.

Support Businesses That Care About The Environment.

Heartland Home Improvements is your local Loewen dealer, distributing and installing high-end windows and doors to clients in Virginia. Both Loewen and Heartland commit to sustainable practices because they’re good for the environment and good for business. Choosing Loewen for your Virginia home design is an investment in your client’s future and our environment. Contact the Heartland team to learn more about Loewen’s windows and doors and to schedule your first appointment.