Sustainable Living Never Looked So Good.

Loewen’s windows and doors are stunning and sustainable for an environmentally responsible addition to your home. Located in the heart of Canada, the Loewen family business designs, engineers and fabricates their products from environmentally friendly materials and through energy-efficient processes. This holistic approach creates a healthy balance between the environmental, business, and social responsibilities of the company. You can feel good about choosing Loewen’s windows and doors because every step of the process, from sourcing their materials to shipping them to your door, is designed to preserve and protect the environment.

Book A FREE Demo To Learn More About Loewen!

We’re offering free in-person or virtual demos to learn more about the technical specifications and style of Loewen windows and doors. Here are a few of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Materials

    Maximize viewpoints with wood, aluminum, copper & bronze options.

  • Hardware

    Heavy-duty, industrial grade knobs, levers and pulls.

  • Custom

    Learn about what you can customize to complement your design.

  • Performance

    The epitome of energy efficiency and style.

Loewen is also known as the leader and innovator in contemporary fenestration products and we’re pleased to introduce a new pinnacle—the Loewen Timber Curtain Wall system. This new product offering embodies the spirit of contemporary architecture with capabilities to provide expansive glass assemblies, minimal profiles, increased viewing area, and cleaner sightlines—all without sacrificing performance.