Is A TimberTech Deck Worth The Price?

Homeowners interested in upgrading their outdoor space may wonder if a TimberTech deck is really better than a traditional wood deck. Modern composite materials like TimberTech are said to be more durable, but a common worry is that they cost too much. Read on to find out whether or not these materials are worth the price:

TimberTech Is The Superior Material.

TimberTech boards are completely coated in PVC to seal out moisture and make them durable. They resist scratches, fading, warping and mold much better than traditional wooden boards. You may think that this would make composite decking an environmentally irresponsible choice, but 95% of TimberTech is made from recycled materials and doesn’t contribute to deforestation.

The Upfront Cost Of A TimberTech Deck Is Less Than You May Think.

The common perception is that composite decks cost more than wooden decks. While it’s true that they cost more upfront, the gap has gotten smaller over time. TimberTech offers different products at varying costs, with some being much closer to traditional materials. It’s worth talking to your home improvement provider to get a new deck estimate.

Composite Decks Save Money Over Time.

Even with the higher upfront cost, it’s undeniable that TimberTech composite decks save money in the long run. They require much less maintenance than traditional wood decks and can protect the homeowner from unexpected expenses. If you can budget for the initial cost, the difference may be erased in only two or three years.

Homes With A TimberTech Deck May Be Easier To Sell.

If you’re treating your current home as an investment, it’s wise to consider what future purchasers may want. Future buyers may not be as capable or interested in performing the maintenance that a traditional wood deck requires. When it’s time to sell, the convenience of a TimberTech deck might be the edge you need.

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