When considering a sunroom addition, many homeowners arrive at this question: what is the difference between a prefabricated or ‘prefab’ sunroom and a traditional ‘stick built’ sunroom? Stick built and prefab sunrooms look very similar as finished products despite the different construction techniques and materials used for each.

Sunroom Construction and Screened Porch Conversions

A sunroom addition or screened porch to sunroom conversion is fantastic way to add a unique space to your home that allows you to enjoy the outdoors all year long. An important fact to remember is that a sunroom is still considered an addition to your home, regardless of whether you choose a prefab or stick built construction. That means it requires the same, permits, foundation and adherence to building codes as if you were adding an extra living room. Adding a sunroom or converting an existing screened porch requires expertise and significant construction experience.

Traditional Construction or ‘Stick Built’ Sunrooms

A primary difference between stick built and prefab sunrooms is where they are constructed. A stick built sunroom is constructed at your house from scratch. Stick built sunrooms use the same raw materials as you would to build a new home, and everything is built right on site from the ground up. Due to labor and material costs, stick built sunrooms are generally more expensive than their pre-fabricated counterparts.

Prefabricated or ‘Prefab’ Sunrooms

Prefab sunrooms are constructed in a factory out of high quality composite materials like vinyl and aluminum that offer strength and durability to last a lifetime. Your sunroom is designed to your specifications and constructed completely in a factory, then deconstructed into easy to move pieces and shipped to your home. This type of construction generally allows for more glass and window visibility.

Which is right for you?

Stick built and prefab sunrooms both have distinct advantages, so which one is right for you? Call the experts at Heartland Home Improvements today to help you decide!

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