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Vinyl Siding adds stylish value to your home.

Installing vinyl siding is a functional, low-maintenance way to make your home look new again. It comes in many finishes, grains and colors, giving you many options for the perfect look. It also performs well in extreme temperatures, expanding and contracting to maintain the integrity of its structure. Heartland Home Improvements uses Norandex siding to offer you a superior product with the lowest life cycle cost.

Low-maintenance means more leisure time for you!

Vinyl siding won’t chip, blister, or rot and the latest innovations in siding keep it from fading or oxidizing. Norandex also has the ability to withstand heat in excess of 100°F and sub-zero cold, resists moisture buildup and termite infestation, and is certified to withstand winds up to 90mph. With minimal routine maintenance and excellent durability, you are free to enjoy your home.

Insulated Vinyl Siding increases energy efficiency, protects against impact damage, and offers sound control properties.

Insulated vinyl siding incorporates an environmentally friendly insulating foam board with premium-grade vinyl material. This insulated option has thermal expansion properties and vapor permeability to allow the siding to breathe, minimizing mold or moisture buildup. The increased insulation of insulated vinyl siding reduces heating and cooling costs, while increasing protection against impact damage and sound control.

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