Stay Safe In Your Own Bathroom With A New Walk-In Tub.

The bathroom is an unfortunate site for falls and slips, especially among aging Americans. As the baby boomer population grows older and retirement facilities become even more expensive, options are popping up on the market that allow homeowners to stay in their homes and bathe in safety. Heartland Home Improvements is pleased to offer walk-in tubs that can easily take the place of an existing tub/shower. Age in place through renovations to your own home and bathroom. Contact a member of our team to learn about all of the options available for your bathroom renovation.

Walk-In Tubs Fit Into Your Existing Home With Minimal Renovation!

Whether you want to renovate your entire bathroom or just replace the tub/shower with a walk-in tub, Heartland Home Improvements has you covered. Most of the walk-in tubs that we offer and install will fit into the existing location of your tub and shower unit. That means that if you want to, you should be able to keep your existing flooring, sink and toilet. If you are ready for a new bathroom, we provide complete bathroom remodels to meet your needs and expectations.  Our team provides design consultation services, ensuring your project looks and feels the way in which you intended!

Walk-In Tubs Provide Spa-Like Therapies.

Walk-in tubs come with a variety of options like jets and air therapies that relieve tired and sore muscles. Water therapy is a proven approach to easing the pains and discomfort of arthritis and rheumatism. Chromatherapy lights alter your mood by changing colors and making the water in your tub look blue or purple or even red. Aromatherapy features allow you to breathe in a variety of oils that are proven to relax or invigorate you, whatever your desire. Ready for a walk-in-tub? Dream big and contact Heartland Home Improvement!

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