Trust The Professionals For Windows You’ll Love For Years To Come.

Windows commonly last for 25 years or longer, so making the right choice when replacing them is important. You might think a window is a window, but windows affect the energy conservation, the mood, and the design of your home. At Heartland Home Improvements, we offer a selection of quality vinyl replacement windows to coordinate with almost any style.

Heartland Home Improvements Offers Innovative Vinyl Windows That Are Low Maintenance!

Vinyl windows are ideal for almost any replacement or new window install. They don’t require painting, staining, or refinishing making them a great option for the time-strapped homeowner. If over time the vinyl windows become dirty, simply use a mild dish detergent and water to clean them without damage. For more maintenance info, contact a member of our team!

How Do I Choose A Window?

There are fairly significant differences between a high quality and a low quality vinyl replacement window. The material doesn’t necessarily dictate the quality. Heartland Home Improvements focuses on double and triple pane windows. While both are great options, triple pane windows significantly cut down on sound infiltration and are more energy efficient. Contact us to discuss your options with a team member familiar with the options that will work best for your home or business.

Custom Installation Makes For A Tight Fit, Increasing Energy Efficiency!

Installing vinyl windows requires some skill and the proper tools to make sure your window fits to your opening. It requires more prep-work and expertise than a simple Saturday afternoon project. Proper installation makes a significant difference in your heating and cooling bills. Our team will help you choose the proper window for your application and professionally install it in your home to give you peace of mind.

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