6 Unique Ideas For Custom Decks In Harrisonburg

We’ve seen a big increase in demand for custom decks in Harrisonburg over the past year. It seems that every homeowner is looking for that perfect entertaining space right now! If you’re also thinking about contacting custom deck builders, be sure to read this article first: it contains six unique ideas for making the perfect outdoor space.

1 Consider Composite For Durable Beauty

Wood will never go out of style as a deck material, but modern composites are a great alternative. They’re available in a huge range of colors and styles that look just as good as the real thing. Plus, they hold up extremely well to sun and inclement weather.

2 Functional Railings Can Look Good Too

Railings provide an important function and help keep your family safe. However, they don’t have to appear so utilitarian! All kinds of styles are available these days, from classic wood to modern metal. Choose something unique for an extra dash of style.

3 Choose Hidden Fasteners For A Clean Look

Instead of seeing the heads of screws on the surface of your deck, opt for hidden fasteners. They go between the planks and are hidden from plain view. This gives the surface a very clean look and makes the deck even safer for bare feet.

4 Custom Decks With Multiple Levels Look More Interesting

Have a uniquely shaped yard, or just want to break up a long stairway? Decks with multiple levels are a great option. Beyond serving a functional purpose, they look much more interesting to the eye and provide natural areas for entertaining.

5 The Space Above Your Deck Can Be Functional Too

Don’t forget to consider all of the space above your deck! If you build a pergola at the same time, you could install coverings, lights, fans or tons of hanging plants. The classic structure looks great and makes it even easier to customize the space.

6 Custom Decks Can Break Free From The Rectangle

One of the great things about hiring custom deck builders is that they can do more than the common rectangle. Consider a unique shape, such as a subtle curve that complements your yard. Your friends and family will be so impressed by the unique look.

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For Custom Decks In Harrisonburg, Families Turn To Heartland

Is your head full of ideas for your dream deck project? Let us help! We work with the best materials and our designers can take any idea and turn it into a beautiful and functional new deck. Contact us today to learn more about custom decks in Harrisonburg.

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