Bathroom Remodels In Harrisonburg: 4 New Design Trends In 2022

So many homeowners have been getting bathroom remodels this year. It’s no surprise, as the bathroom is one of the most-used spaces in a home, and often one of the most uninspiring. We’ve seen lots of trending design ideas emerge at the same time: read on to find out 4 of the most interesting bathroom trends from the past year.

1 Smart Toilets Are Here To Stay

Smart toilets have existed for a long time, but for most homeowners they were more of a curiosity than anything else. Recently though, American homeowners have jumped in. More companies are offering their own versions, making them more affordable and available across the country. No two models are the same, but many of them offer great features like auto-closing lids, heated seats, or bacteria-killing UV lights. Plus they’re way more stylish than the average toilet (or at least as stylish as a toilet can be).

2 Heated Floors Add A Touch Of Luxury To Bathroom Remodels

A heated floor is another feature that’s been around for years but hadn’t exploded in popularity until recent years. It’s a simple idea in concept but it adds such luxury to the space. There’s nothing like stepping out of the shower onto a warm floor, or avoiding the shock of stepping onto cold tile in the wintertime. You don’t even have to compromise on flooring choice to get one!

3 People With Smaller Spaces Are Installing Soaking Tubs

One really nice development in the market has been size-conscious soaking tubs. Gone are the days when you needed a huge space to take a luxurious bath: models with smaller footprints can provide the same experience even in a smaller space. This is an especially popular choice among those who want a more modern feel.

4 Many Bathroom Remodels Include Backlit Mirrors

Have you seen this trend yet? Advances in lighting have made unique bulbs and colorful lighting strips a trend throughout the home (and even in the yard). This ubiquitous trend has even made its way into the bathroom: we’re seeing more homeowners who are interested in backlit mirrors. They cast a warm light onto the wall behind them, framing the mirror with a subtle glow that makes it appear almost as if it’s floating. The works especially in bathroom remodels that are aiming for a minimalist look.

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