Harrisonburg Door Company: Tips For Picking The Perfect Front Door

Is your home in desperate need of help from a Harrisonburg door company? Be sure that you’re picking a front door that you’ll love for years to come. The team at Heartland Home Improvements has put together this handy guide to help you choose the perfect one.

Ask Your Local Door Company About Different Door Materials.

Front doors can be made from several materials including wood, fiberglass or steel. Your local door company should be able to get you the kind of front door that you want, but it’s worth checking with them first to see if they recommend that material for your home. For example, wood is a charming material, but the weather in your area may make fiberglass a smarter choice. Any reputable company will help you make the right decision (and some, like Heartland Home Improvements, even offer free estimates).

Choose A Color With The Right Amount Of Contrast.

Many homeowners use their front door like an “accent wall,” taking the opportunity to give a splash of color to the front of their home. The trick is picking a color that has sufficient contrast from the rest of the home but doesn’t detract from it.

A great way to accomplish this balance of contrast is to choose a door that differs from the siding in either hue or lightness, but not both. For example, if your home is light green, a light red door will shine without appearing garish. On the other hand, a dark charcoal grey looks beautiful next to light grey siding.

Of course, clean white or black work well with almost anything, and you can always choose a door that blends in seamlessly with the siding of the house.

Ask Your Local Door Company About Unique Hardware Options.

Door hardware is often overlooked but can be a great way to introduce some personality into your entranceway. Work with your local door company to find something unique and attractive. For example, bright golden finishes are less popular these days, but still look beautiful next to a dark, saturated, reddish wood door. You can even mix styles: try ornate hardware on an otherwise sleek door for a modern look.

Heartland Home Improvements Is Harrisonburg’s Trusted Door Company.

The team here at Heartland Home Improvements has proudly served the Harrisonburg area since 2003. Our high-quality material and hardware options, combined with our experience in door installation, make us the best choice of door company in Harrisonburg. Call us today to get a free estimate!

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