Harrisonburg Bathroom Remodel 101: Everything You Need To Know For Your Next Project!

It can feel daunting to undertake a bathroom remodel for the first time. Before you get started, read our guide to keep your remodel in check.

Know The Average Cost Of A Bathroom Remodel.

The costs of a bathroom remodel vary greatly, but the average family spends about $12,000. A smaller remodel can be achieved for as low as $3,000 if you work smart. To keep costs low, keep fixtures in their current positions and go DIY when practical.

Factor in a safety net of about 10 to 20% more than the cost you expect so that unforeseen circumstances don’t blow your budget. And keep in mind that your remodel shouldn’t cost any more than 5~10% of your home’s value.

A Bathroom Remodel Provides A Great Return On Investment.

If you keep costs low and use materials that appeal to a wide range of people, you can see up to a 60% return on your investment when you remodel a bathroom. For example, instead of choosing busy, colorful tile, opt for a timeless classic like white subway tile.

Keep Bathroom Remodel Costs Low With The Right DIY Projects.

Some small projects are great for homeowners who have time to spare and don’t mind pulling up their sleeves. Painting is a relatively easy and inexpensive project that homeowners can do themselves. Those with more DIY experience can handle replacing tile and flooring, or even replacing cabinets and toilets.

Just keep in mind that DIY projects can be very time-consuming and can quickly cause issues if they’re not done correctly. Hiring a professional will always be the safer, quicker option that guarantees the job will be done right. You should also hire a professional bathroom remodel company if your remodel will involve showers, tubs, electrical or plumbing.

Communication Is Key In Bathroom Remodels.

Miscommunication can lead to costly mistakes, so make sure you’re communicating with your contractor clearly and repeatedly. Even if you think what you want is obvious, make sure he or she understands what you want and get confirmation that they’re on the same page. There’s also no harm in asking questions and restating your wants and needs.

Worker adding tile to bathroom wall

The Best Harrisonburg Bathroom Remodels Come From Heartland.

If you’re ready to explore your options, we here at Heartland Home Improvements have the experience and knowledge to make your bathroom remodel a success. Contact us today for a free estimate!