Harrisonburg Home Improvement: Top 5 Projects You Should Consider For 2021!

These are the top five home improvement projects you should consider. Whether you’re looking to maximize profit when you sell, or you just want to feel better about the space you live in, we have an idea for you!

Paint Is Relatively Cheap And You Can Do It Yourself.

The great thing about painting is that most homeowners can do it themselves, and it can radically transform a space without much work. Since walls can easily be painted over, feel free to go for something trendy and exciting. Or, if you’re selling the home, choose something clean and neutral that will appeal to many families.

Replace The Front Door To Change The Face Of Your Home.

The front door greatly affects how people perceive your home. The safe choice is to pick out a door that perfectly matches the rest of your architecture. Another option is to choose something daring, such as a vibrant red that stands out from the rest of your home.

Your Home Will Look New Again With Updated Siding.

Replacing aging siding is a surefire way to make your home look brand new. Many homeowners go for white or beige but vinyl siding is available in just about any color you want. Consider a tasteful primary color to stand out from the neighborhood while still complementing your home’s architecture.

Bathroom Remodels Are A Great Investment.

Even a partial bathroom remodel can make it feel like a completely different space. Bathroom remodels also offer a great return on your investment–up to 60% if you do it right. For the biggest return, choose affordable and classic materials such as subway tile, granite and solid wood vanities.

Landscaping Is A Great DIY Home Improvement Option.

Just one weekend of DIY landscaping can do wonders! Start small by raking up debris, cleaning up yard edges with a putty knife and trimming any bushes around the property. Top off planters with a few bags of fresh mulch to make the yard look refreshed.

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