Enjoying Rockingham Year-Round in a Four-Season Sunroom.

Meyer sunroom from the exterior of the house.

Project Info:

Location: Rockingham, VA
Services Performed: Sunroom, stairs, upgraded deck and tile flooring, electrical
Project Timeline: 3 weeks

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A four season sunroom is the perfect place to relax and unwind all year long. When the Meyers discovered our work through our website and contacted us, we were thrilled to bring their dreams to life. As a retired couple with a small dog and a love for plants, they already knew that a sunroom would add value to their home and lifestyle. Most importantly, transforming their screened-in room into a four-season, climate-controlled sunroom would allow their plants to thrive in any season and their dog to enjoy the space year-round.

Here’s what we did:

  • We Enclosed The Space: The previous screen room’s floor plan worked well, so we seamlessly enclosed the space using a cost-effective prefabricated sunroom kit.
  • We Rebuilt the Stairs: Our team skillfully reconstructed the exterior stairs to make them safer. We built them to be level and integrated structurally sound railings for stability.
  • We Upgraded the Flooring: The Meyers chose ceramic tile flooring as their preferred option for the sunroom, primarily because of its pet and plant-friendly qualities. For the exterior, they opted for composite deck flooring, which promises minimal maintenance for years to come.
  • We Ensured It Was Climate Controlled: We integrated a mini-split system and electrical outlets into the sunroom’s design, providing climate control that ensures year-round comfort and allows for enjoyment of the sunroom in all four seasons.
  • We Revived The Space:  The existing vinyl railing and ceiling fan from the previous room were repurposed and incorporated into the newly converted sunroom design.

Upcycling Charm: Incorporating Existing Features in Our Work.

The initial space featured a screen room with a small deck and a set of stairs that we upgraded in the sunroom transformation. Our team opted to retain the original vinyl railing for cost-efficiency and to preserve the home’s character. Additionally, we decided to repurpose the existing ceiling fan to add a touch of familiarity and functionality to the newly converted sunroom.

Enclosing the Space Was the Perfect Solution.

This four-season sunroom provided the exact enclosed and climate-controlled space the Meyers needed. They no longer had to bring in their plants during the cold season, and they could join their beloved dog in enjoying the sunroom year-round.

Timeless, Low-Maintenance Materials Chosen for a Lifetime of Use.

Here is a list of the products we incorporated into this remarkable sunroom transformation:

  • Sunroom Walls, Windows and Doors: Prefab Sunroom System
  • Sunroom Flooring: Ceramic Tile Flooring
  • Electrical: Installed for HVAC & outlets
  • Deck and Stairs: Timbertech Terrain – Silver Maple Flooring
  • Ceiling: Beaded Porch Ceiling
  • Mini Split Heater/AC

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