Reviving Outdoor Living With A Stunning Deck Remodel.

Project Info:

Location: Harrisonburg, Virginia
Services: Full Deck Renovation
Timeline: 3 weeks

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Transforming outdoor spaces with a deck renovation requires balancing aesthetics and functionality, and for the Kelley family, it was time to breathe new life into their backyard. Their previous lumber deck showed signs of wear and posed safety concerns, so they decided to work with the Heartland Home Improvements team to revitalize their outdoor space with an entirely new contemporary one. Our in-house designer, Debbie, worked with the Kelleys to craft plans and 3D renderings to bring their vision to life.

Here’s what we did for their deck transformation:

We Started With A Blank Slate: This renovation project began with a full demo of their previous structure and brick columns so we could construct their new deck.
We Emphasized Longevity & Comfort: Our team transformed their outdoor living space with composite decking materials for easy upkeep and to maximize longevity.
We Modernized Their Backyard: We incorporated lighting within the design to enhance the ambiance of their outdoor space and crafted a custom corner stairwell for a contemporary look.

Incorporating Modern Materials & Safety Features Elevates The Outdoor Living Experience.

Our goal in this renovation was to elevate the Kelley family’s outdoor living space. Using modern materials, such as composite decking over traditional lumber, was a game-changer in their remodel. Opting for composite decking materials ensured their new deck’s durability and significantly reduced maintenance needs.

We also incorporated sophisticated lighting features that illuminated the space beautifully for seamless nighttime use.

Beyond surface upgrades, our team skillfully worked with the project’s structure since the outdoor space has a full basement and backfill. Our approach involved drilling down to the original soil to install footings and piers, creating a sturdy foundation for the Kelley family’s new structure. This ensured the Kelley family would enjoy their deck for years to come.

Adding Personalized Charm & Custom Design Elements Completed The Deck Project.

Our team worked closely with the Kelley family to create a contemporary structure that reflected their style and desires. One standout feature was the addition of corner stairs, a design choice that integrated the deck with the landscape while providing convenient access to the backyard. The rounded corner step enhanced the structure’s aesthetic appeal and improved functionality, ensuring a cohesive set of stairs that complemented the sophisticated design. These customizations resulted in a deck that met and exceeded the Kelley family’s expectations, creating a welcoming outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment.

We Used Durable & Stylish Deck Materials For A Modern Aesthetic.

Here is a list of the materials we incorporated into this total deck renovation:

Framing: Framing Lumber, Support Posts, Fasteners
Decking: TimberTech Deck Boards — Legacy Collection — Mocha
Lighting: Stair Riser Lights & Lighted Post Caps
Railing: TimberTech Radiance Railing with Lighted Post Caps — Black

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