The Installation Of Front Doors Requires A Skilled Carpenter.

At Heartland Home Improvements, We’ve found door installation to be one of the most undervalued elements of home renovation. This is unfortunate since the front door is a visitor’s first impression of you and your home. The quality of the installation also affects the energy efficiency of your home. While the big box stores offer competitive rates for replacing front doors, most home require an installer with more time and skill than the subcontractors hired by those stores. Older homes especially have elements in their construction and decades of wear and tear that make a simple replacement far more complicated.

Heartland Home Improvements Takes The Time Necessary To Properly Install Your Door.

In this particular project the door frame and porch were not level. Over time, the porch had sagged and moisture had warped the framing. These issues didn’t require an entire overhaul of the door framing, but it did require creative carpentry. We fabricated a custom, sloped threshold to ensure the door sealed properly to maximize energy efficiency and keep bugs out. This door replacement took our highly skilled carpenter a full day to complete.

What Do We Look For When We Replace Your Front Door?

To ensure your new door works for your home, we do the following to account for energy efficiency and durability:

  1. Replace all weather stripping to ensure your door seals properly.
  2. Apply foam insulation to any crevices of the door’s framing.
  3. Ensure hardware is installed properly.

Upgrading Your Door Elevates Your Home’s Exterior.

Replacing your front door can make quite the impact to your home’s exterior. Whether you’re replacing your front door with an economical fiberglass door or a solid wood option, our team provides the information necessary to make the decision that works best for your home and family.

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