Our Clients Enjoy Fresh Air On A Screened In Porch That Provides Protection From The Elements.

Our Harrisonburg clients wanted to transition their deck into a screened in porch for the whole family to enjoy. They had an existing deck that was decent shape and wanted to add up from that structure. After inspecting their deck, we informed them that it wasn’t ideal to simply enclose a deck to create a screened room. The reinforcement necessary to add a roof requires a different load capacity than what is required for a deck. Once we communicated this information with our clients, we settled on tearing down and building a screened in porch, from scratch. On the plus side, this was less expensive than building onto the existing structure!

Screened In Porches Are The Best Of Both Worlds.

A screened in porch is perfect for homeowners that want to be outside without the sun beating down on them or being bitten alive by bugs! Our clients knew they wanted good airflow and shade so they could take advantage of the mild temperature in the Shenandoah Valley. They also wanted to keep upkeep to a minimum. A vinyl bead board roof won’t ever need to be painted and tongue in groove PVC decking keeps mosquitoes from coming up through the floorboards.

Creative Carpentry Makes Unattractive Elements Functional.

Our clients added a gas insert fireplace to their home several years before we started their screened in porch renovation. This fireplace installation required more space than the typical home framing allows, so the back of it stuck out into the deck and was covered with siding. In order to make this bulky and unattractive heft functional, we covered it in moisture resistant PVC and fabricated a book shelf. The homeowners couldn’t be more thrilled!

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