Project Info:

Location: Harrisonburg, VA

Services Performed: Vinyl Siding

Project Timeline: 3Weeks

Heartland Faces The Challenge

At times, we face challenges on vinyl siding jobs. On this particular job, the home had a stucco exterior, which makes applying vinyl siding a bit more difficult as there are no studs to apply the vinyl siding to. Also, stucco tends to chip and break off, making the job more difficult. Because our Heartland installers are trained for complex projects, we were able to talk to the customer, and explain beforehand how this project would be done.

Keeping The Customer Informed

At Heartland, we do our best to keep the customer informed of the steps we take to start a project. From color selecting and coordinating, to preparing the field manual, we make sure to leave nothing out. On this home, the customer did not realize how difficult it was to apply vinyl siding to a stucco home, but with the help of our skilled employees, and the knowledge of our project managers, we were sure to keep them in the loop so as to start the project with no questions.

Selecting Top Quality Materials For The Project

Once the colors and styles are determined, the materials are ordered at the proper time in co-ordinance to when the job is estimated to start. For this particular vinyl siding job, we applied furring strips over the entire house to create a firm nailing surface.

Pride In Our Craftsmanship

Here at Heartland Home Improvements, we take pride in our quality and craftsmanship. We go above and beyond to cover all the details and difficulties a job may entail. With the friendly nature, and skills our installers show, we are able to finish the job and ensure a quality finished project.

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